Pubs in Milan

If you’re looking for Irish-inspired pubs, Milan may not be the right location for you. Sure, you can find them, but in a fashion and design oriented city the classic pub is not what’s hip.

The bars and pubs in Milan have a feeling of exclusivity to them. They’re sleek, trendy locations that aim to entertain—DJs, refined buffets, and exhibitions are what you are most likely to find when walking into a bar in Milan.

The clientele is a mixture of tourists, fashionable residents, and people coming from the nearby towns looking for a more refined experience. The concept behind pubs in Milan — especially those located in the city centre, as well as many of those found in the always-cool area of Corso Sempione where you will find our best lounge bar Ama.Mi — is that of a top-notch, fine quality drink, food and entertainment experience.

You don’t go to a bar or a pub in Milan to have a jolly good time. You go to a Pub in Milan to enjoy an exclusive experience: it’s about finery and socializing — and it is by no coincidence, a lot of networking takes place in Milan’s pubs and bars.