Corporate Events Organiziation in Milan

Programs and ideas to make unique your business events.

Milan the a city of business, design, culture and fashion and hosts every year a large number of business meetings and corporate parties. These are now playing an increasingly important role within each society, who spend a lot of energy to the organization of his company events. The choice of location is the starting point and is of fundamental importance: the position it has in the city, the atmosphere it offers, the variety of the menu, the customizable style according to various needs, are just some of the most important parameters to be considered during the planning of business meetings.

But a city like Milan offers an endless variety of options and an endless variety of local: how to orient yourself in the best way to choose the ideal location for your needs? The 11 Clubroom is undoubtedly one of the best place for the corporate events organization in Milan: a few steps from the central Corso Como, the atmosphere of this club is charming and elegant. The location, which at night is a famous disco club appreciated throughout northern Italy, in the daytime lends itself to become a meeting room customizable in every point of view (from the furniture to the choice of the menu), without move away from its original and international style.

So what makes unique this location in the organization of corporate events in Milan?
• Position: close to Corso Como, Piazza Gae Aulenti and the Garibaldi Metro stop
• Style: lights and chandeliers make charming and original the atmosphere
• Space: very large and therefore able to personalize according to the various needs
• Menu choice: the staff is ready to meet the most varied demands
• Versatility: the location is perfect for events, company presentations and business meetings, as well as being ideal space for photo shoots and commercials
• Technology: the events become a social platforms to boost marketing