Happy Hours in Milan

Happy Hour (or aperitivo in Italian) is a very popular pre-dining (and sometimes full-on dining) option in Milan. It originally involved having a drink and munching on a few snacks before dinner, but what was once a casual, low-key (sometimes too low as far as quality is concerned) habit has now blossomed into a real trend.

Especially in Milan, the Happy Hour has become a new way for bars to distinguish themselves by offering an exclusive experience to their patrons. It has also become a way for chefs, restaurants and bars to experiment, serving delicious creative tidbits during the happy hour period (generally 6-8pm).

All-you-can-eat buffets have also become popular during the Happy Hour period: bars, cafés and restaurants serve food and drinks at an all-inclusive price, with additional charges only applied if customers consume more than one drink.

The Happy Hour in Milan has become a social standard for top-quality, fine drink & dining experiences which encompass the best food, cocktails, and wines. It is by no coincidence that many businessmen pick the location for a business dinner based on the restaurant’s happy hour services.