The Group


11TheGroup is an Italian company based in Milan. We are a team of entrepreneurial visionaries with over 10 years’ experience in the field of event organization. We regularly host events in two of Milan’s and Shanghai’s most iconic venues: 11clubroom and Hollywood Shanghai.

We have revamped and fused the traditional concept of the dolce vita with our own unique style, raising the national flag higher within the field of event organization. Our events encompass and blend a keen understanding of fashion, design, art and food & wine with entertainment and elegance. Amongst our core values are: an unrivalled passion for staging the best events possible, a careful application of the fundamental rules of business management and a determination and desire to compete at the highest level.

In the build up to EXPO 2015, due to take place in Milan, we will be will be embarking on a series of exciting initiatives and partnerships with a number of prestigious design and fashion companies.


11TheGroup specializes in the organization of social events as a platform for promoting your company’s services and boosting your brand awareness. We connect people relevant to your business in a professional yet also pleasant atmosphere; fulfilling the human need for social interaction in the right environment for commercial opportunities to ensue naturally, abundantly and successfully.

When staging events, we simultaneously reinforce and reinvigorate the renowned Italian flair for hospitality and social communication; two values through which we strive to reposition our country in the increasingly global context of modern business.


11TheGroup was formed through the collaborative vision of its members, who decided to join forces, complementing and combining each other’s strengths, to achieve a set of clear objectives.
Our current mission is to forge a stronger link between Italy and China by increasing the number of events and communication activities in our locations in Milan and Shanghai. Two cities which present ideal opportunities for the launching and promotion of brands to target consumers and opinion leaders.