Fashion Bar in Milan

Milan is the Italian capital of fashion and many of its bars definitely live up to that status. A Fashion Bar is a venue that offers exclusive entertainment to an exclusive clientele. Fashion Bars also provide ideal contexts for networking: many successful networks have been created in the fashion bars of the major fashion cities in the world (Paris, London, New York, and now Milan). The popular and exclusive Fashion TV channel is often broadcast on screens in these venues.

Fashion Bars in Milan have a very trendy, modern design and are the chosen location for many different events — from private parties and musical events to more cultural affairs such as press releases and art exhibitions. Of course, Milan's fashion bars are also the location of many fashion show premieres and fashion show after-parties.

Fashion bars are regular hangout spots of VIPs, fashionistas, and trendy people looking for an exclusive luxury entertainment experience. Milan's fashion bars have very high standards with high prices to match. However, the quality of the service more than warrants the high price.

Other than truly exclusive entertainment and catering services, Milan’s fashion bars also offer previews and insights on what's new in the world of fashion and lifestyle. We have our own fashion bar: the 11clubroom, in which we regularly host events.